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The time has come far ahead since homes were used to be considered as basic need. Now having your own house symbolizes achievement, success, lifestyle and sometimes even more than that. Decision of buying a home is an important decision and for some it can be life’s one of the biggest investment decision. If you are a first-time home buyer then you should take every step wisely and follow this tips to make the whole buying process a lot easier.

1.What type of home suit your requirements?

There are many options available for the type of house you are looking for. This could range from bungalow, row house, pent house, apartment or duplex. The prices of this options vary according to their size, luxury and amenities. Every type has it’s own pros & cons but what really matters are the things which you have already prioritized in your mind regarding your dream home. Choosing the type of house depends on your home ownership goals. So first you need to examine your need, budget & amenities requirement to decide the right type of home for yourself.  

2.Where to buy?

The people today are a lot mobile than they used to be decades ago. The youths today are ready to relocate themselves to get the right job or the profession. For example, since two decades Bangalore has evolved like anything and have become the IT hub of India. Many people who had goals of getting into an IT company or establish their own IT company has moved Bangalore to pursue their dream. So apparently they chose Bangalore to be their hometown.

It’s not just about the city, but also lot of other things should taken into consideration like banks, schools, transportation facilities, hospital, medical shops and close proximity to your workplace before coming down to purchase of home.  

3.How much to borrow?

So what is a home loan? Its simply the loan you borrow from financial institution to buy home. This loan amount is repaid back by the borrower to the financial institute at an agreed rate of interest. But before this you need to know that a specific amount of property’s cost need to be given by you as a down payment. Rest of the amount you will have to pay in the form of monthly installments. So before you go for home loan there are certain things you need to consider and scrutinize for yourself. These things are as follow:
- your salary
- your saving goals
- other incomes
- previous investments
You need to always keep in mind that a good budget is one which allows you to do saving, some luxuries and amount reserved for emergencies and maintenance.

These were few word of advises which will definitely help you buy your first home without compromising on other important things of life. Still if you have any queries you can get in touch with Property Matrimony and we will be happy to help you. Our years of experience and reputation in real estate sector of Bangalore can assure you the 100% satisfaction with your real estate investment. Mail us at info@propertymatrimony.com.

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